Board of Directors

What is The Foote School Association?
The Foote School Association (FSA) is a nonprofit corporation that operates under the direction of the Foote School Board of Directors. Any parent or guardian of a child attending Foote School is a member of the Association.

What are the Board's responsibilities?
Primary responsibilities of the Foote School Board of Directors include appointment, evaluation and support of the Head of School; provision of strategic vision and direction; financial stewardship; and oversight of the physical plant.

Who serves on the Board of Directors?
The Board is composed of up to 20 elected directors and the President or Co-Presidents of the Parent Teacher Council, who serve ex-officio with the right to vote. In addition, directors who have reached the end of their elected terms and are officers may also serve ex-officio with the right to vote. The Head of School is an ex-officio non-voting member of the Board. The Business Manager and Director of Development attend meetings at the discretion of the Head of School and the Board.

Directors are elected by members of the Foote School Association at the Annual Meeting of the corporation, usually held in May. In accordance with the bylaws, at least two-thirds of the elected directors are parents or guardians of current students, and therefore members of the Association. Directors are elected for staggered four-year terms.

How often does the Board meet?
The Foote School Board meets monthly throughout the school year, with executive sessions as called. However, much of the work of the Board is done by committees, which meet on varying schedules.