Diversity at Foote

Foote School is an intentionally diverse community—racially, economically and culturally. Families come to Foote from greater New Haven and throughout the world, bringing a range of perspectives and life experiences that deepen the level of discourse and inquiry in the classroom.

We believe that children learn best when exposed to diverse cultures and points of view, and when they feel valued for their own identity. As numerous studies show, diversity also encourages academic excellence; when children feel affirmed and accepted, they perform better academically. Our commitment to diversity fosters respect for differences, broadens our understanding and helps break down stereotypes.

Our diversity mission is reinforced through our globally inspired curriculum, the student-activity club F-STAND (Foote Students Against Negativity and Discrimination), special events such as Unite Through Understanding , as well as MOSAIC (Multicultural, Open-Minded, Supportive, Accepting, Inclusive Community), a committee that brings speakers to campus for stimulating talks.