About the Technology Department

The Technology Department fills a dual role as both a technical services group and an educational department. Our responsibilities range from the maintenance and repair of more than 230 computers and seven servers, to assisting faculty members as they integrate technology into their curricula, and supporting students as they use technology in their class work and extra curricular activities. The entire campus is equipped with a network that provides both wired and wireless online connections. 



Computer skills are introduced gradually and practiced from grade one through sixth grade. They are incorporated whenever possible into classroom curriculum projects.

From seventh through ninth grade, students have access to lab and library computers during study hall and recess. Middle School faculty often bring classes to the lab to give instruction in the computer component of a project and then expect students to continue work on projects independently. Students are always able to get help and instruction from IT personnel and librarians.

Students also collaborate on Foote Steps (the yearbook) and Spi (the student newspaper) using the resources of the Technology Department.

Lab Services

The Technology Department is charged with operating two computer labs — one for the Lower and one for the Middle School — as well as supporting the labs of the Music and Language departments and research stations in the Perrine Library. Each of these areas is equipped with enough computers for a full class to work simultaneously, and throughout the year play host to classes, teacher workshops, activities and other student presentations.