Winter Sports Wrap-Up


The girls’ JV basketball team set the standard for what Foote School expects in terms of attitude and effort. Our team was made up of 10 sixth graders and one seventh grader. They went into each game knowing that the other team was going to be older and bigger. These challenges never prevented our JV lady falcons from maintaining a fantastically positive attitude and giving their maximum effort in each practice and game. This commitment to the team was rewarded with a hard-fought win versus Ezra Academy to end their regular season. I am very proud of the growth that each girl made over the course of the season. The future is bright for the Foote School girls basketball program with these girls coming up as role models!

—Coach Ahriel


This year, the girls’ varsity basketball team was a resilient group of girls that worked incredibly hard to overcome obstacles throughout the year. From day one, when the girls walked into the gym, it was very clear that we were responsible for two things: our attitude and our effort. As long as we controlled those two things, I promised the team that we would have a successful year. The girls had a great attitude whether it was at practice or in a game and never stopped fighting regardless of the score. Additionally, the team's effort was never in question. Whether running sprints or diving for a loose ball in a game, the girls gave everything they had on the court. Our home game against Amistad showcased our players’ determination. Amistad had a very tough team, and some girls that were taller and faster than us. That never stopped the lady falcons from leaving it all on the court and leaving with a victory. At the end of the game, I saw 12 girls covered in sweat, bruises and burn marks from the floor. I realized that each one had bought in to the team and played as hard as she could for the girl next to her. This team was a pleasure to coach and I look forward to coaching the returning girls! 

—Coach Eric


The boys’ JV basketball team made some very impressive and successful strides this season. The team met adversity early in the season, but every member of the team continued to work hard and wanted to improve his skills and knowledge of the game. I was very proud of the way the team never gave up and always played with respect and a love for the game. I had an opportunity to see the boys come together and play as a cohesive unit. The season ended on a very high point with a thrilling comeback in the final seconds against rival Hamden Hall, in which the boys were able to force overtime and take a well-deserved victory. This group of boys was able to take away many valuable lessons from the season that will help them continue to strive for success in all facets of life. This group of boys helped push me to be a better coach and mentor throughout the season. I am very grateful for the opportunity to coach this group and proud of what they were able to accomplish through teamwork and hard work. 

—Coach Tyler


The boys’ varsity basketball team worked very hard this season. With the exception of a few games, each game was very competitive and hard fought right to the final buzzer. This year’s team had many newcomers to basketball and it was great to see all of them committed to working hard for the team in every practice and game. Each individual showed great improvement in his overall basketball skill level throughout the season as a result of his hard work.  As a team, the boys worked very well together and had a lot of fun. I am glad to have worked with these young men during the 2016 basketball season. 

—Coach Brad


In the third year of Foote squash, more history was made! 

  • The team welcomed nine new players—some new to the sport and some with experience who slipped right into the main ladder. It was impressive to see how nicely the more experienced players assisted those new to the sport. 
  • Daily access to real courts at Yale. This made a tremendous difference to executing drills and game practice, and to the improvement of all players. We also were able to host our first ‘home’ match.
  • Notable increase in hard work and fitness this season, including a team run from Foote to the Yale athletic facility. Coaches enjoyed watching all players improve their skills and challenge themselves to work hard off the court in numerous fitness-related exercises. The kids were flexible and willing to sacrifice some of their “court time” so that everyone could have a chance to play and compete.
  • Three wins this season, including a win early in the season over Hopkins
  • A big shout-out to three graduating ninth graders who helped start this program and have contributed their abilities, their team spirit and leadership over the last 3 seasons:  Isaiah Miller, Parker Jones and Matthew McCarthy

—Coach Kelly, Coach Kim and Coach John


We are not sure what to say. The team had an exceptional season (5-0) and a strong showing at the Middle School Open. Foote swimmers now hold three meet records—not bad for the smallest team there. As their coaches, we really want a commend experienced swimmers for the way they helped out new swimmers and the way they cheered each other on. Special thanks to Anika Zetterberg ’13 for coming in December and leading a clinic in starts, finishes and flip turns that improved the skills of returning swimmers and introduced the concepts to the newest members of the team. It was fantastic working with this team.

—Coach Sheila and Coach Sam


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