Foote Finishes First at MathCounts Competition

Foote Finishes First at MathCounts Competition

On Feb. 4, 10 Foote students in grades 6-8 participated in the New Haven chapter competition for MathCounts: Hunter Bershtein, Theo Curtis, Connor Davis, Julia Davis, Thaniel Illuzzi, Ting Li, Amy Metrick, Sophie Vulpe, Jasmine Xi, and Ryan Yang. 

Of the 130 students competing, all 10 Foote students scored in the top 50 percent. On the written section, Ting and Ryan tied for first with a third student, and after tie-breakers, Ting came in second place overall and Ryan came in third overall.

Ting, Amy, Jasmine and Ryan competed for Foote as a team, and placed first as a team. For being in the top 8 overall, Ting, Amy and Ryan competed in the countdown round, and Ryan placed second in this live speed round. 

The four members of the team, along with Hunter Bershtein and Theo Curtis, will be traveling to the state competition on Saturday, March 11 in Hartford.


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