Foote Students Shine at COLT Poetry Contest

Foote Students Shine at COLT Poetry Contest

On Tuesday, April 25, 23 Foote students competed in the CT COLT poetry recitation contest at Bristol Central High School. They recited poems in Chinese, French, Latin, Spanish and Russian as language scholars and as heritage speakers. Three students won two medals for reciting in two different categories. "The results were staggering and we are so proud of all the kids!," says Modern Language Chair Hayden Holt. Here is the list of all the students who made it to the state competition as well as medal winners. 


Malachai York - Gold 

Isabella Mandell - Silver

Yanzhe Chai - Gold, Heritage 

Jasmine Xi - Silver, Heritage 

Esther Zhao - Bronze, Heritage 



Christopher Mudry - Bronze 

Ella Peterson - Gold 

Hilal Zoberi 

Camille Gipson - Silver  Heritage 



Yanzhe Cai - Gold 

Nelly Polak - Bronze 

Fiona Jennings - Silver 

Adin Jennings - Silver 



Amara Greenshpun - Gold, Heritage



Emmanuel Candelo-Diaz - Heritage

Daniel Farricielli 

Amara Greenshpun - Gold 

Michele Grutzendler - Heritage

Colleena Healy - Bronze 

Isabella Mandell - Bronze, Heritage

Paula Santoro - Gold, Heritage

Alex Long - Bronze 

Macarena Villanueva - Gold HS Heritage


Several Foote alums were also at the contest:

Sam Curtis '16 recited in Arabic, earned gold.

Omid Azodi '16 recited in French, earned gold.

Claudia Horvath-Diano '14 recited in Italian heritage, earned bronze.

Donovan Lynch '15 recited in Spanish, earned bronze.

Kevin Mani '16 recited in French, earned bronze

Holden Turner '14 recited in Italian, earned gold. 


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