Activities and Clubs

The 2017-18 activities letter and sign-up sheet are here.

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Amnesty International

Unaffiliated with any government or religion, Amnesty International is an organization that works to promote and defend the human rights of all. Open to grades six through nine, our group meets once a week to write letters on behalf of people who are prisoners of conscience.  We also work to raise funds to support the organization's worldwide humanitarian efforts. Our combined efforts have resulted in the release of prisoners, the preservation of life and the reunion of families.

Student Heads:
Faculty Advisors:  Sally Nunnally & Cindy Raymond


The Foote School Chorus is a singing ensemble for boys and girls in grades 6–9. Whether you are new to singing or you are an experienced chorus member, we'd love to have you join us. We foster school spirit and create a sense of community by making music together and singing a wide variety of genres and styles. The Chorus performs at major assemblies throughout the year. The group meets Tuesdays at 2:15 p.m. in room A101.

Student Leaders : Fiona Jennings and Graley Turner
Faculty Advisor: Deadra Hart

Club of Applied Sciences

Have you ever wanted to know how programs and apps are made? This year, the Club of Applied Sciences will focus on computers and the software that makes them work. We will explore the basics of computer programming, including making Mac programs and iOS apps, with additional topics based on club members’ interests. The club is open to 7th, 8th and 9th graders, and no prior experience with programming is necessary. We will meet during Study Hall on Tuesdays in the Middle School Computer Lab.

Student Head: Nate Krauss
Faculty Advisors: Drew Sweet


7th and 8th Grade Play
Telling Tales, a collection of one-act plays
Performance dates: December 1 – 4, 2016

The Ugly Duckling by A. A. Milne

This classic tale is about a king and queen who are worried about the future marriage prospects of their very plain-looking daughter. They come up with a scheme to get her married off to a prince from a far away country who has never seen the princess before. This wonderful comedy includes mistaken identities, hilarious characters and situations, and most importantly teaches us a great deal about the definition of real beauty.

The Flying Doctor by MoliereIn this zany comedy by the great French playwright, Moliere, a gentleman named Valere will go to any lengths to marry his sweetheart, Lucile, but her father, Gorgibus, forbids the union. Valere uses his clever and crafty servant, Sganarelle, to divert Gorgibus’ attention, but Sganarelle gets himself into a series of crazy predicaments while doing so, at one point even having to play two roles at one time! This play is filled with the great humor that Moliere became famous for.

The Actor’s Nightmare by Christopher Durang. This play is about an innocent and simple accountant named George Spelvin who inexplicably ends up backstage in a theater. He is suddenly thrust into the role of an actor’s understudy and, without warning, is forced to perform in a play for which he doesn’t know any lines. In fact, he doesn’t even know what play it is! Great characters and the funniest, unpredictable circumstances make this play a real audience-pleaser!

*Audition dates are: 8th grade – Monday, Sept. 19 during study hall and after school; 7th grade – Tuesday, Sept. 20 during study hall and after school;

Rehearsals occur from 3 pm to 5 pm every afternoon, and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. The scenes being rehearsed determine who needs to come to rehearsals at any given time. There are opportunities to act, serve on the crew, operate the light and soundboard, or be the Production Stage Manager.

Environmental Action Group

EAG meets weekly during Tuesday Study Hall in JM -108.  Special activities are sometimes scheduled during school and occasionally after school.  The group is open to students in grades 6-9.  The goals of Foote school’s Environmental Action Group are to raise member and campus awareness of environmental issues, to support school wide efforts towards the enhancements of environmental stewardship within our communities and to foster the advocacy and leadership skills of its members.  Members determine the specific causes of the group, and the scope of their activities ranges from local to global.  Past activities have included the organization of Foote’s Dark Day of Enlightenment, movie afternoons, neighborhood cleanups, school recycling initiatives, and beach clean ups to name just a few.  EAG is responsible for selecting the Environmental Stewardship Award Recipient and creating and presenting the Foote school Earth Day assembly in April.

Student Heads: Nick Koobatian, Sylvie Moran, and Mia Sloan
Faculty Advisors: Kim Birge-Liberman, Kelly Small and John Cunningham


F-STAND works together to help spread the message of the importance of being kind and inclusive and treating others with respect. Our goal is to help spread a positive message throughout the school and make Foote an even better place. We work on accomplishing this goal by creating activities for students in the lower school as well as all school events to keep students and faculty mindful and aware. During meetings we discuss topics such as stereotypes, prejudice, and identity, as well as current events and school issues. Members of the club are invited to apply to attend the Student Diversity Leadership Conference in their 9th grade year. Open to all 7th, 8th and 9th graders.​ Meeting Location: Harkness Room

Student Head:  Page Wildridge
Faculty Advisors: Carol Maoz, Megan Williams, Kossouth Bradford, Kim Birge-Liberman


Footenotes, the Foote School's literary magazine, is published yearly. Submissions from all grades come to an editorial staff of Middle School students. They read, discuss, and decide which writing will be included in the publication. The magazine is dedicated to a special person and distributed at an assembly.

Student Head: Nelly Polak
Faculty Advisors: Tony Bures & Susan Neitlich

Foote Steps

Foote Steps, the school's yearbook, is created by a hardworking group of 8th and 9th graders. Working in small teams that take responsibility for particular sections — sports, activities, faculty, etc.— the students take photos and use a desktop publishing program to design pages that create a representation of the school year. The work must be completed by mid-April to allow printing and delivery of the yearbooks at the Yearbook Assembly in May.

Student Heads: Lilah Garcia  & Hilal Zoberi
Faculty Advisors: Becky McGuire and Jennifer Friedman

Jazz-Rock Ensemble

The Foote Jazz-Rock Ensemble is for 6th-9th grade instrumentalists and singers who would like to perform at school gatherings. Rehearsals will involve improvisation and student input, encouraging collaborations that are energizing and fun. This will be a truly creative "fusion" group! Rehearsals are in the Twichell Room on Wednesdays from 2:15pm- 3:00pm, beginning with an organizational meeting on September 16th.

Student Leaders: Pablo deVos Deak & Hilal Zoberi
Ensemble Director: Max Heath


MathCounts is a club that meets on Thursdays during study hall in the Twichell Room and one Saturday a month to do a full practice competition. In December there will be a school competition, and from this ten students will be selected to compete in the Chapter competition at Yale in February. There will also be a competition held at Foote in February. This club is a fun way to enrich your mathematical skills and learn new methods of problem solving. The club is open to all students grades 6 – 8.

Leaders: Julia Davis and Ting Li
Advisors: Megan Williams, John Hay, and Andrew Metrick

Model Congress

Model Congress (Sturley Room on Monday flextime) is the place where 7th-9th graders learn to argue more effectively (read on….) Students learn about formal debate structure and then research and draft a bill for debate at the Packer Collegiate School’s Model Congress in New York City in May. Through this activity, students learn about the formation of US law, develop a greater understanding of causes they believe in, and begin to feel more empowered as emerging citizens. Students experience stimulating interactions and form friendships with other model congress participants from the metropolitan New York area.

Student Heads: Nahjae Petty, Tommy Styron, Page Wildridge and Hilal Zoberi
Faculty Advisors: Liam Considine & Mike McCabe

Foote School Orchestra

The Foote School Orchestra is open to 4th-9th graders who play a string, woodwind, or brass instrument and would like to play together once a week to learn and prepare music for a variety of school performances throughout the year. The director is violist and experienced music teacher Nora Lee. Orchestra meets every Wednesday from 3:15-4:15pm. There will be a "getting to know you" rehearsal at 3:15 on Wednesday, September 21 in A-100, Mrs. Velardi's room.

Director: Yaira Zlabys


The SPI is the school’s student-run newspaper. Student staff members and faculty advisors meet every Wednesday during study hall in the computer lab. Found among The SPI’s pages are: editorials; interviews with students, teachers and administrators; survey and sport results; book and music reviews; and photography, cartoons, recipes and puzzles. The SPI is published several times each semester.

Student Heads: Jerry Sun, Nick Perkins & Joey Robeschi
Faculty Advisors: Ozler Kayaarasi, Lara Anderson & Andy Bromage

Student Council

Student Council is an activity for 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th grades, which meets on Thursday during flex/recess.  This student- elected group acts as a conduit between the students and the faculty/administration on a variety of issues.  In addition, the group plans and executes activities for the Middle School, as well as the entire school population, in an effort to raise money for gifts on behalf of the student body.

Student Council President: Emmanuel Candelo-Diaz
9th Grade President: Page Wildridge
Faculty Advisors: Laura Stanley & Trevor Rosenthal