Foote School has a long tradition of partnering with New Haven public schools and social service agencies through our Community Programs. The Horizons and STARS programs welcome local public school students and their teachers to campus for free programs that combine hands-on classroom learning with outdoor exploration. Children learn from teachers in small groups to strengthen core skills in reading, writing, math, science and the arts.

Community service is central to Foote’s philosophy and mission. Every student from Kindergarten through ninth grade participates in community service projects, whether collecting food for St. Ann’s soup kitchen, stitching blankets for the homeless at Columbus House or sewing fleece hats for Christian Community Action.

These Community Programs have built a vital link between Foote and the New Haven community and have created lasting and important friendships. By joining together, horizons are broadened, barriers are broken down and children discover their similarities. We invite you to explore our Community Programs and contact us for more information.