STARS: Schools Together For Arts Resources

*STARS* 2016


About *STARS*

For the past 22 years, Foote School has been involved in Saturday morning collaborations with neighborhood public schools. Called *STARS* (Schools Together for Arts ResourceS), these cooking, crafts, multi-media and cultural programs have been elective, involving equal numbers of students and teachers from the two participating schools who meet together for a series of workshops culminating in a special community event. The groups are small, stressing process and interaction. The experience has been meaningful for students and teachers alike, broadening horizons and expanding repertoires. Since its launch in 1994, STARS has sponsored 95 programs bringing children together for collaborative learning activities.

*STARS* programs begin January 16, 2016 and run every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 12 noon through March 5, 2016 with arts-related programs for children in Kindergarten through Grade 5. Programs for the winter 2016 session are listed below. Each link contains a course description and enrollment form for that course. There is no charge for the program.

Cooking with Stories (Please note: This class is full)

Foote & Davis Street School


Foote & Strong School

Exploring the Arts

Foote and Brennan-Rogers School

Acting Out Stories (Please note: This class is full)

Foote and Strong School

Major components of all *STARS* programs:

* The programs are free to participants.

* The programs focus on project-based activities: crafts, singing, cooking, writing and multi-media.

*  Teachers from the two participating schools meet together before a program begins to establish goals and plan curriculum; their collaboration is essential and demonstrates cooperation to the participating students.

* There is an equal number of students from each school.

* Saturday workshops alternate their meeting spaces between or among the schools involved, so that students can expand their horizons.

* There is always a culminating activity or event to bring participants and community members together.

* The children work together to create something satisfying, but process is as important, if not more important, than product.

Teachers find it very exciting to work with these programs.

There's an energy and enthusiasm involved with bringing school groups together. Kids discover their similarities and barriers are broken down. The programs have also provided teachers and parents with opportunities and outlets for involvement and sharing of skills and development of new curricula. 

Program Funding

*STARS* programs have been funded by the Foote School Board, private individuals and foundations. The programs are free to participants, and teachers receive a stipend. Atticus Bookstore-Café/Chabaso Bakery supplies refreshments. 


Contact *STARS* Coordinators Deb Rhoads or Dawn Walsh.