Foote Summer Theater 2017


Experience the Joy of Theater!

June 26 - August 4, 2017

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For this special summer experience, eligible participants will range from incoming sixth graders to high school and college/university students and older. This collaborative gathering of children and adults will enjoy an array of creative activities including intensive, fun-filled rehearsals, theater games, physical and vocal warm-ups and exercises – all geared toward introducing and enhancing the best possible theatrical training.
You may also specialize in technical training. If you choose to do so, you will be guided from the design and model-building phase to the actual construction of sets. You will be taught to read ground plans and blueprints, and how to use tools in executing the design. This is the perfect arena in which to improve your abilities as a painter or carpenter, or learn the ins and outs of lighting, sound, props and costumes. Enjoy the backstage excitement and responsibility of being on a running crew during performances. This is an exceptional component of the overall theater program.

Get ready for a fantastic experience! Enroll now and celebrate, learn, discover, play, explore, create, experiment, imagine …

Foote Summer Theater celebrates its 37th consecutive summer of the highest quality educational theater with a full-length, major production of a hit musical. 


About Julian SchlusbergDirector

Julian Schlusberg has guided Foote’s Summer Theater Program for its entire 36-year history. He has received the John C. Barner National Theater Teacher of the Year Award and The Arts Council of Greater New Haven’s Award for Excellence and Mastery in Educational Theater. He was the first recipient of The Long Wharf Theatre’s Mary Hunter Wolf Award for Excellence in the Art and Teaching of Theater, and was twice honored by the Governor of Connecticut for his leadership in educational theater. He is the critically acclaimed author of "Lessons for the Stage" and "Letters from the Prophets: A Theater Teacher's Memoir." His work has been published in numerous national theater publications. Many of his students pursue successful careers in professional and educational theater, film, TV, playwriting, and technical theater.

Frank J. AlberinoScenic Designer/Production Manager

Frank Alberino has been involved with the Foote Summer Theater Program for the past 25 years. A Connecticut native, he is assistant properties manager and a scenic designer at Long Wharf Theatre with numerous Long Wharf productions to his credit.