Endowed Funds

The Foote School benefits each year from a number of Endowed Funds, established by parents and past parents, alumni, and friends of the school. Each fund is held within the school’s Endowment, and a distribution is made annually from interest earned. The annual distribution is used to support the purpose designated by the donor(s).

The goal of Foote’s Endowment is to provide significant, stable and sustainable funding to support the school’s annual operating budget and specific donor designated programs. In the 2016-17 academic year the draw from Endowment adds over $370,000 to the school’s operating budget.

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Jay Cox Endowment for PPRRSM

Jay Cox Endowment for PPRRSM, established in 2017 in recognition of Jay's leadership and dedication to maintaining Foote's campus, this fund annually supports the costs of maintaining the campus through the provision for plant replacement, renewal and special maintenance. Make your gift on line



S. Prescott Bush Clement Endowed Fund

S. Prescott Bush Clement Endowed Fund, established in 2007 in honor the the late Prescott Clement '35. The proceeds are used at the discretion of the school’s Board of Directors. Make your gift on line

Bob and Mary Congdon Centennial Endowment Fund

Bob and Mary Congdon Centennial Endowment Fund, established in 2017 in honor of Foote's Centennial. The proceeds will be used at the discretion of the school’s Board of Directors. Make your gift on line


Martha Brochin Endowed Fund for Library Books

Martha Brochin Endowed Fund for Library Books, established in 2004 in memory of Martha Brochin, a Foote School parent and much-loved New Haven pediatrician. Make your gift on line

Margaret Brooks Endowed Fund

Margaret Brooks Endowed Fund, established in 2010 in memory of Madame Brooks, French teacher at Foote and parent of Preston '79, Kate '82, and Nat '87. The Fund supports the school's language department. Make your gift on line

Polly Fiddler Art Fund

Polly Fiddler Art Fund, established by parents and former students in recognition of Polly Fiddler’s outstanding work as an art teacher at Foote for more than three decades (1978–2009). The fund will support the school’s studio art program. Make your gift on line

Levin Fund

Levin Fund was established by Mr. and Mrs. Richard Levin. The proceeds are used annually by the library staff to purchase books and materials to enrich and extend the collection of the Frank M. Perrine Library. Make your gift on line

Kindergarten and Mixed Age Group Programs Fund

Kindergarten and Mixed Age Group Programs Fund,established by the parents of Aya and Hadi Abu-Alfa in 2010, to support and enrich the kindergarten and Mixed Age Group programs at The Foote School. Make your gift on line

Library Endowment

Library Endowment includes gifts to endowment intended to support the Frank M. Perrine Library. Make your gift on line

Jonathan Milikowsky Technology Fund

Jonathan Milikowsky Technology Fund, created by classmates, family, and friends in memory of Jon ’98, provides annual support to the Technology Department, particularly to support new technology and innovative uses of technology. Make your gift on line

Jean Shepler Miller Music Fund

Jean Shepler Miller Music Fund, established in 2009 by alumni who studied music with Mrs. Shepler during her long career at Foote (1953–1991), the Fund provide supports for the school’s music department. Make your gift on line

Marian W. Spiro Fund for Science Enrichment

Marian W. Spiro Fund for Science Enrichment, named in honor of Marian Spiro, science teacher at Foote from 1970 to 1989, was established to enrich and enhance the school’s science programs. The proceeds from this endowed fund are used annually, at the direction of the science teachers and the Head of School, to support science education as they see fit, including:

  • acquiring science materials
  • providing opportunities for students to participate in science enrichment programs in the area
  • helping science teachers participate in professional development opportunities
  • bringing visiting scientists to Foote.

Friends of Foote Theater Endowment

Friends of Foote Theater Endowment, established in 2002 by David and Deborah Moore, to support the costs associated with the expanded drama program.  Make your gift on line


Joya Marks Endowment for Professional Development

Joya Marks Endowment for Professional Development,established by parents of departing eighth graders in 2001 and supported by departing eighth and ninth grade families in 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2007, provides professional development opportunities to enrich the lives and work of Foote School teachers. In 2007, this fund was named in honor of Joya Marks, lower school head from 1993 to 2007. Make your gift on line

Violet Talbot Endowed Fund

Violet Talbot Endowed Fund, established by parents and faculty in honor of kindergarten teacher Violet Talbot at the time of her retirement in 2001, annually provides support for teacher training and for financial aid for children of color. Make your gift on line



Benevento Family Scholarship

Benevento Family Scholarship, established in 1987 by the Benevento Family. Make your gift on line

The Stephen Binder '78 Scholarship Fund

The Stephen Binder '78 Scholarship Fund, established in 2017 with a specific focus on support for students from the city of New Haven. Make your gift on line

Simone Brown Fund

Simone Brown Fund, established in memory of Simone Brown, class of 1981, following her death in 1983. Make your gift on line

Carolyn Foundation Endowment

Carolyn Foundation Endowment, established by generous gifts from The Carolyn Foundation in 1989 and 1998.  This fund has grown to more than a quarter of a million dollars, providing significant annual funding for financial aid for children of color from New Haven.  Make your gift on line

Celentano Scholarship Fund

Celentano Scholarship Fund, created to recognize the many contributions of Freddie Celentano, who worked at Foote as a member of the maintenance staff from 1963-1977. Make your gift on line

Class of 1972 Scholarship Fund

Class of 1972 Scholarship Fund, created in 2015 in memory of John Hare ’72 (1958 – 2015). Make your gift on line

Class of 1975 Scholarship Fund

Class of 1975 Scholarship Fund, created in 2016 by members of the Class of 1975 to mark Foote’s Centennial year. Make your gift on line

Jay Cox Endowment for Financial Aid

Jay Cox Endowment for Financial Aid, established in 2017 in recognition of Jay's commitment to financial aid and his many contributions to the school during his 35 years at Foote. Make your gift on line

Timothy and Mary P. Doukas Fund

Timothy and Mary P. Doukas Fund, established in 1997 by Mr. and Mrs. John Zandy in memory of Mrs. Zandy’s parents.Make your gift on line

Martha Babcock Foote Fund

Martha Babcock Foote Fund, established in memory of the founder and first head of school, 1916–1935. Make your gift on line

Margaret Hitchcock Fund

Margaret Hitchcock Fund, established in memory of Margaret Ballou Hitchcock, Foote English teacher and head of the upper school, 1931-1957. Make your gift on line

Jean G. Lamont Endowed Scholarship Fund

Jean G. Lamont Endowed Scholarship Fund, established in 2004 in recognition of Jean Lamont’s commitment to diversity and a strong financial aid program during her tenure as head of school from 1992-2004. Make your gift on line

Jean and Edward Kirby Endowed Fund

Jean and Edward Kirby Endowed Fund, established in 2013 by their son, John T. Kirby '69, in recognition of their love of the school and with intention to honor the importance of learning other languages and literatures. Mrs. Kirby was the Assistant to the Head of School from 1966-91. Make your gift on line

Hannah Lee Memorial Endowed Fund

Hannah Lee Memorial Endowed Fund, established in memory of Hannah Lee ’08, 1993–2004. This fund provides annual support for the school’s financial aid program. Make your gift on line

LaViola Family Scholarship Fund

LaViola Family Scholarship Fund, established by Philomena and John LaViola in honor of their grandchildren, Alexandra LaViola ’06 and John LaViola ’09. Make your gift on line

Jonathan Milikowsky Scholarship Fund

Jonathan Milikowsky Scholarship Fund, established in 2007 in memory of Jon Milikowsky ’98 by his parents, Sharon and Daniel Milikowsky, his brother, Matthew ’95 and his sister, Jennifer ’02. The fund provides financial aid for a student in grades six-nine who demonstrates intellectual curiosity, cheerful engagement with classmates and teachers, kindness, optimism, and appreciation and respect for others. Make your gift on line

Pasi-Sachdev Family Fund

Pasi-Sachdev Family Fund, created in 2005 by the Pasi-Sachdev family to reflect their deep appreciation of the Foote School community. Make your gift on line

Orten L. Pengue Scholarship Fund

Orten L. Pengue Scholarship Fund, created in 2008 in honor of the beloved theatrical costumer and make-up expert who worked with Foote productions from 2001 until his death in 2008. It was Ort's wish that the fund provide annual support for students who would otherwise be unable to attend Foote.Make your gift on line

Frank M. Perrine Scholarship Fund

Frank M. Perrine Scholarship Fund, established in 1991 in recognition of Frank’s many contributions to Foote as headmaster from 1967 – 1992. Make your gift on line

Phyllis Brown Sandine Memorial Scholarship Fund

Phyllis Brown Sandine Memorial Scholarship Fund, established in 2002 by Inner-City Scholarships for Independent Schools in honor of Mrs. Sandine, a Foote parent, longtime friend of the school, and an advocate for early childhood education. The Fund provides financial aid for New Haven children enrolled at Foote. Make your gift on line

The Gene J. Takahashi Fund

The Gene J. Takahashi Fund was created in 2010 by Dean Takahashi and Wendy Sharp, parents of Kerry Takahashi '07 and Kai Takahashi '09, in honor of Dean's father. Make your gift on line

Anne Schroeder Vroman Scholarship Fund

Anne Schroeder Vroman Scholarship Fund was created in 2006 by Barent Vroman in memory of his wife, a member of the class of 1946. Make your gift on line

Betsy Welch Endowed Scholarship Fund

Betsy Welch Endowed Scholarship Fund,  established in 2015 to honor Betsy's commitment as Director of Admissions (1976 - 1993) to enrolling students from a broad range of racial and socioeconomic backgrounds.  Make your gift on line



Milos Saccio Fund

Milos Saccio Fund, established in memory of Milos Saccio ’83, 1967-1979, who was a sixth grader at Foote at the time of his death.  This fund annually provides learning support with the intention of allowing children to reach their full potential.Make your gift on line



The school also appreciates and relies upon the support provided by Restricted Funds. These funds are not endowed — the principal is spent as needed over the years. Current Restricted Funds include:

Classical Book Fund

Classical Book Fund, established in 1996 to honor Latin teacher Carol Ross, and used annually to provide library and classroom resources to enrich the study of classical Greece and Rome.  Make your gift on line

Fund for Community Outreach

Fund for Community Outreach, established in 2012 to provide funding for meaningful community outreach programs offered at Foote in support of the greater New Haven community.Make your gift on line

Falco School Spirit Fund

Falco School Spirit Fund, established in 2009, is used at the head of school's discretion to promote school spirit. Make your gift online.

Faculty Professional Development

Faculty Professional Development focused on reading instruction, established in 2013 to provide professional development for Foote School teachers and learning support staff in techniques and methodologies that support students with dyslexia and other reading challenges. Make your gift on line

Friends of Foote Theater Fund

Friends of Foote Theater Fund, established in 2002, provides support for expanded opportunities in educational theater made possible by the construction of the Robert D. Sandine black box theater. Make your gift on line