Sustaining Socioeconomic Diversity

Foote has invested substantially in financial aid because we believe a diverse community enriches the experience of all our students and prepares them for the world they will enter. 

Approximately 22% of families receive some level of need-based financial aid. Last year, Foote awarded $1.75 million in financial aid—a commitment unparalleled among independent primary schools. Still, the number of requests for financial aid—and the dollars requested—are both increasing. A larger endowment will offset tuition increases that put Foote out of reach for some families and help preserve the socioeconomic diversity we value so highly.

Increasing Faculty of Color

Foote’s student body is more diverse than ever, and having teachers who reflect the backgrounds of our children is important. Foote has made gains in this area, but not fast enough. As we step up recruitment efforts to identify candidates of color, we must commit immediate resources to this critical goal.

Ensuring Robust Enrollment

Foote’s long-term strength depends on continued financial stability. To keep enrollment healthy, we must invest in people, programs and facilities. We seek funding to renovate the K-3 classrooms and increase endowment funding to maintain our campus infrastructure while reducing dependence on tuition dollars.

Attracting and Retaining the Best Teachers

The faculty is the heart of the school. Teachers play a critical role not only in classrooms but in shaping Foote’s educational program. Foote now benchmarks faculty salaries with the best K-8 schools in the country. Growing our endowment will ensure that Foote continues to attract and retain the best teachers by providing competitive salaries and benefits as well as ongoing opportunities for professional development.

Making a Gift to Foote's Centennial Campaign

Members of The Foote School staff welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss the Campaign and your participation. 

To schedule a conversation, please contact Ann Baker Pepe, Director of Development at 203-777-3464

Unrestricted Gifts and Pledges

Unrestricted gifts, often pledged over three to five years, represent the most useful form of support. They allow us to direct funding to our students’ most immediate educational needs. Most often, we use such support to finance scholarships, capital projects and continuing education for our faculty. If not otherwise restricted, gifts to the Securing Foote’s Future campaign will support the priorities we have identified.

Gift Planning

Foote School has been fortunate to receive support over the years in the form of bequests, trusts and other planned gifts. We encourage people to support the Securing Foote’s Future campaign with such gifts. The Foote School staff welcomes the opportunity to help you take advantage of planned giving strategies.

Recognition and Naming Opportunities

Foote School has identified a range of recognition and naming opportunities to honor donors and families who make significant gifts in support of Securing Foote’s Future. These include endowed scholarships, faculty positions and named programs.

Forms of Payment

Gifts of cash and marketable securities provide Foote School with the most immediate benefit. However, we gratefully accept gifts in virtually any form including real estate and other personal property.